sábado, 7 de julio de 2012

My view

           What I've published in this blog is a number of assignments rendered to deal with the requirements of the course "Introduction to ICT". When I read them over and over again, I can't believe my eyes!. Four months ago, I was just a student at the Liceo Cultural Britànico TTC who, practically, only knew how to look for infomation on the net.
            Now, thanks to this course and through my assignments, I've learnt how to make use of a great number of features of Microsoft Word such as: adding, deleting, checking spelling, cut and paste, drag and drop, experimenting with fonts and layout and so on, necessary to write on screen.

I've also learnt how to make a three minute power point, how to validate a site, how to take advantage of useful tools like Blogger, Slideshare, Google docs. and Simple meet.me, a free site from which last month I could chat with my teacher and mates altogether, something that I enjoyed very much.
             I can call myself content because to have done those things in a brief period of time is too much for me.